Rare letters from Alexander Hamilton selling for up to $30,000 each

The founding father on the $10 bill has gotten a lot more popular lately due to a Broadway musical smash and now anything related to the real Alexander Hamilton is sure to bring in big bucks.

The Raab Collection has some rare documents for sale, counting on the fact that a signature from the first U.S. Secretary of Treasury will rack up its own pile of currency.

These 10 letters for sale have been owned by a private family for generations and are so rare that many people did not know they existed. In them, Hamilton writes about paying off the national debt for the Revolutionary war and creates a system for reporting export returns. Their value is increased by the clear signatures that leave no doubt that they were written by the "young, scrappy, and hungry" Hamilton.

Offered individually for between $15 and $30,000 each, the collection is estimated to have a total value of $150,000 which is pretty much pocket change for anyone who can afford a ticket to see "Hamilton" on Broadway these days.

Iconic American figures and founding fathers
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Iconic American figures and founding fathers

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