A new Mars rover looks just like the Batmobile

By Josh King, Buzz60

NASA's got a new Mars rover and it looks an awful lot like the Batmobile. The new rover was unveiled at NASA's Kennedy Space Center where it is now on display.

The Rover is made out of carbon fiber and aluminum, is solar powered and is said to reach speeds of 60-70 miles per hour. One of the machines creators told Business Insider that the rover was built "with every intention" of going over rocky terrain on Mars. What's really innovative is the full laboratory in the back that can actually disconnect from the cockpit area for scouting purposes.

Unfortunately, the rover will never touch down on Mars and instead will be taken on a cross country tour for NASA's 'Summer of Mars' event. Built by Park Brother Concept, the rover is also said to eventually be featured on a reality television series for the company.

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