Black bear caught on camera playing in family's pool, confronting dog

A summer-ready black bear was caught making a splash in a Bradbury, California, family's backyard pool on Tuesday, according to KTLA.

The animal reportedly walked onto resident Eddie Hsu's property around 2:40 p.m. and briefly explored the backyard before taking a quick dip and walking over to the basketball court.

At one point, Hsu's dog Ba Bao approached the bear which, in turn, started walking toward the small canine.

Luckily, the dog was able to hold its ground, and the trespasser eventually left the yard.

Following the bear's confrontation with Ba Bao, video footage shows the bear hopping over a fence and knocking over trash cans before heading into a cluster of trees behind a home where officials lost sight of it.

Hsu told KTLA the incident is very concerning for him and his family, especially in regards to the safety of their young children.

"It's very frightening of course. We didn't expect this confrontation," he said. "I have small children. They play in the backyard every day in the afternoon."

Hsu added that he was proud of how Ba Bao, who his family adopted about a month ago, bravely protected their home.

"He's the hero," Hsu said. "He's my hero today."

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