Woman becomes violently ill after finding squid-like terror in her coconut water

Coconut water is often touted as a "super drink" that can be even better for consumers that water -- but for one woman, the beverage proved to be anything but healthy.

Barbara Klein, a mother of two from Goshen, New York, says she became violently ill after swallowing part of an unidentifiable, slimy chunk that was inside her container of Vita Coco coconut water.

"Everyone that drinks this please copy and paste or share to your profile get the word out," she wrote on Facebook.

"I have been sick to my stomach since I had this last night I don't know what it is it looks like mold but I am highly convinced that it's something else."

Klein told the Sun she kept the beverage refrigerated until she opened it on April 25, which was well before its July 21 expiration date.

Once she began drinking it, she says she tasted something vile, so she dumped the rest of the drink into the sink and opened the container with a knife to reveal the disgusting surprise.

Klein says that once she laid eyes on the squid-like object, she immediately began vomiting.

"I still can't believe this I'm so disgusted it's the only water I ever drink I will never in my life drink it again..." she wrote in a subsequent post. "It looks like a freaking octopus just looking at it makes me sick."

Klein says that she required blood tests after consuming the object and that her diarrhea didn't stop until three days after the incident.

A spokesman for Vita Coco said that the company has been in touch with Klein multiple times since April 26 to try and investigate the incident, but that her lack of cooperation is making matters difficult.

"It is highly unlikely what this consumer claims she found in her Vita Coco poses any health risk," said Arthur Gallego, Vita Coco's global director of corporate communications. "Vita Coco is a preservative-free beverage made from naturally-occurring ingredients. While the consumer has yet to return the product for testing, this looks like typical food spoilage. This consumer's product was likely left opened, improperly refrigerated or damaged, and after reviewing the images she has posted, we are confident it is mold growth."

Vita Coco says the lot number associated with the consumer's complaint is 100% safe, and has been tested by Vita Coco internal quality control and an external third-party quality testing agency prior to being shipped to stores.

It remains confident that the incident will remain isolated.

"We produced over 135,000 units in this production lot and this was the single complaint, and one we cannot investigate because of the consumer's lack of cooperation," Gallego added.

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