Kellyanne Conway spars with CNN's Chris Cuomo, says Trump's firing Comey is not about Russia

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway sparred with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday morning, blasting the 24-hour news network host for questioning the timing of President Trump's firing FBI Director James Comey as investigations into Trump-Russia ties heat up.

Trump sparked a wave of criticism and commentary on Tuesday when he fired Comey, citing the suggestion of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House officials who reported Comey's inaccurate testimony on Hillary Clinton deputy Huma Abedin's forwarding emails was inaccurate.

"All of this happening just as the Russian investigation is heating up, it seems very, very connected," Cuomo posed to Conway -- a statement Conway deemed "conjecture."

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"This whole idea that — especially on your network — you always want to talk about 'Russia, Russia, Russia.' The idea that the FBI has one thing going on and it's the Russian investigation ... and the idea that this is somehow Jim Comey attorney at law — one person in charge of it — is really irresponsible to not report to your users," Conway said.

Comey's firing comes just one day after former acting attorney general Sally Yates and former director of national intelligence James Clapper offered testimony that could be potentially embarrassing for the Trump administration -- including the admission from Yates that she warned the White House of Gen. Michael Flynn's susceptibility to blackmail due to prior communication with Russian officials.

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"This whole thing is very simple," Conway added. "This is a president who saw that the FBI director had lost the public confidence, the confidence of Republicans and Democrats."

Cuomo fired back at the former Trump campaign manager, saying all he wants is "the truth."

"What I want is the truth. That's all we should all want here," Cuomo stated. "The idea that you should know the fruit of the investigation these many months in is naive and deceptive."

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