1,685 interactions with President Trump analyzed in POLITICO's White House visitor logs


After the Trump administration announced they would be returning to pre-Obama era practice in not making their White House visitor logs public, POLITICO has released their own "unauthorized" records.

Of the more than 1,200 people to date who have had direct access to President Trump, POLITICO reports almost 63 percent of them are white men.

Women hold just shy of 20 percent of congressional seats and, according to Center for American Progress, make up only 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs in the U.S. POLITICO notes the gender disparity evidenced by these records "reflects the reality at many large companies."

"Information about who meets with the president would be valuable to understanding any administration, offering a window into the range of interest groups and personalities that have an opportunity to shape the White House's deliberations," the database summary states. "That may be doubly true for Trump, who has been known to make decisions on the fly based on even brief conversations..."

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The database shows Trump has met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson more than any other Cabinet member -- some 22 times as of May 9 --, hosted former Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera as part of an opioid epidemic meeting and has made a point of bringing in CEO's and small business leaders to promote his "drawn the swamp" campaign platform while also building bridges between his administration and the private sector.

Including 1,685 individual interactions with President Trump by 1,222 members of the public, politicians, foreign leaders and others, POLITICO has provided data around the meetings, phone calls and photo opportunities in which Trump has taken part in both Washington and Mar-a-Lago since assuming his Oval Office position.

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While a summary of the compilation -- presented by POLITICO's Andrew Restuccia, Aidan Quigley, Jon McClure and Lily Mihalik -- states the unofficial records are "inevitably incomplete," the outlet has nonetheless provided the most complete public list to date using media accounts, pool reports and White House schedules.