Video reportedly shows horrific abuse of boy before he was allegedly fed to pigs

A Kansas lawmaker is working to make sure that no one ever dies of extreme abuse as Adrian Jones did in his Wyandotte County home.

In 2015, the 7-year-old endured unimaginable trauma that was caught on video -- and with the help of tapes that have recently surfaced, Louis Ruiz plans to prevent future tragedies.

New legislation called "Adrian's Act" would hold anyone who keeps quiet about child abuse accountable.

Jennifer Hoevers, the Jones family's landlord, discovered the deplorable conditions little Adrian suffered through before his dead body was found in a livestock pen after being allegedly fed to pigs -- and they could make a huge difference in the case, WDAF reports.

In a home littered with dead mice, syringes and rat poison, Hoevers gained access to an iCloud account owned by Adrian's parents, Michael and Heather Jones. There she found hours of surveillance footage in the home.

The videos are unbelievably gruesome. According to WDAF, one shows Adrian standing naked outside in the cold. He was handcuffed and forced to lick water out of a bowl. Another shows him forced to stand in dirty pool water.

"I had to shut the computer off and kind of get it back together for a least a day before I could open it up and figure out what to do," Hoevers told the station.

Later she found evidence that turned the case on its head.

Adrian's great uncle Willie Flowers appeared to also live in the home, witness the abuse and do nothing about it for more than 9 months.

"Heather did tell me that he assisted in keeping him locked up and after Adrian had died, he helped to dispose of the body," Hoevers told WDAF.

Adrian's stepmother was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years, WDAF reports. His father will be sentenced on Monday.

Adrian's Act will be brought up in the state house sometime next week.

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