Florida girl pries open alligator's jaws to set herself free from attack

A 10-year-old Florida girl was attacked by an alligator while sitting in shallow water, but her quick and calm thinking saved her life.

The girl pried open the 8-foot-9-inch reptile's mouth to fee her leg after it lunged at her on Saturday at the designated swimming area of an Orlando-area park, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports.

A lifeguard was on duty when the attack happened and four of the girl's family members were present.

Officials from Florida Fish and Wildlife found the gator and killed it.

The girl was with four family members when the attack occurred, the report said. A lifeguard was on duty.

Doctors at a nearby hospital treated and released the brave girl.

Matt Suedmeyer, the manager of the Orange County Parks & Recreation Division, told the Associated Press that the waterfront at Moss Park will be temporarily closed to the public "out of an abundance of caution."