Ex-Obama adviser Ben Rhodes says Emmanuel Macron's win is a 'blow to far-right nationalism'

Former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes sounded off on the French presidential election this weekend, saying Emmanuel Macron's win over Marine Le Pen is a "blow to far-right nationalism."

"Macron's win is a blow to far-right nationalism and a sign (after Austrian, Dutch elections) that the Brexit-Trump wave has broken in West," Rhodes tweeted on Sunday.

Rhodes also alluded to allegations of Russian interference in foreign elections, saying, "For those worried about how to defeat Russian/Wikileaks meddling in elections the French showed us: vote against the person they're helping."

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Rhodes served as the deputy national security adviser under former President Barack Obama and worked as a speechwriter during Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. The former White House official continued in his French election commentary, referencing a Trump tweet in which the president cited terrorist attacks as playing a key role in the race.