A new dinosaur 66-feet long with a tail that could create a sonic boom

A new discovery shows a plant-eating dinosaur may have been at the top of the food chain 150 million years ago.

Published in the journal PeerJ, paleontologists have found a new species known as Galeamopus pabsti that was over 66 feet long and weighed over 15 tons.

Named after Ben Pabst, who discovered the dino in 1995, lead author on the Study Emanuel Tschoop, examined the new dinosaur.

Apparently, this thing was so big that no predator dared eat it.

Known as a "whiplash dinosaur," its massive sized tail could crack against the ground and is thought to be able to have made a sonic boom.

Tschoop says the find "greatly increases our knowledge of the anatomy of this group of animals."