Man survives attempt to throw him in wood chipper apparently inspired by 'Fargo'

An Oregon man thwarted a co-worker's attempt to throw him headfirst into a running wood chipper.

The attack on Austin Crawford, 22, went viral for its similarity to a scene in the movie "Fargo."

Crawford made it out with only a stiff neck and a cut on his jaw and the man who allegedly attacked him, Scott Iverson, has been charged with attempted murder.

This is not the end to Crawford's story.

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, a reporter at Vocativ, reached out to the survivor but did not hear back. He did, however, find Crawford's Facebook page. It revealed quite a bit of interesting information.

Warning: There is some strong language in these posts.

For instance, here's a very point-blank Facebook status about the attempt to take his life:

There's a more serious update after the man who allegedly attacked him was arrested:

In the comments, he explains in more detail what happened during the attack:

Photo: Facebook

In Crawford's most recent post, he shared a story from KPTV about his horrifying ordeal and provided some ... interesting words of wisdom.

"Take note if someone is too quiet, acting stranger than usual, or gets behind you way too close," he wrote. "Speak up, act and if necessary, fight like hell."

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