Black teens sue Pennsylvania school district over abuse

Two Pittsburgh teens - filing a lawsuit this week against their school district and police for use of excessive force at a high school.

In one incident, video released earlier this week shows a school resource officer putting a student, Ahmad Williams, in a headlock.

Later, the video shows Williams being held down with the help of a man identified as the school principal, then being tasered by the officer.

"If a picture speaks a thousand words, and that picture does, then a video has to speak a million," said the students lawyer, Todd Hollis.

That's Williams' lawyer Todd Hollis, who is also representing another teen Que-Chawn Wade, seen being restrained by two police officers in this April video. The lawyer says that student was later punched in the face.

Hollis saying both videos show a pattern of abuse against Black students, he's also representing a third student.

School officials saying these are isolated incidents over several years that don't show systematic targeting.

The Woodland Hills school district says it's cooperating with the Allegheny County prosecutors who are investigating the claims for possible criminal charges.