Quadruplet brothers accepted to Ivy League schools all choose to attend Yale

Last month, it was reported that quadruplets have all received acceptances from various top schools -- including Harvard and Yale. Combined, they were accepted into 59 schools.

Aaron, Nick, Nigel and Zachary Wade found out while in track practices that they've secured spots in the Ivy League and other colleges like Stanford.

At the time, all but Aaron had Yale as their top choice; Aaron was eyeing Stanford. Nick told the Washington Post that financial aid would have to be taken into consideration.

Now, the Wade brothers have decided: they will attend Yale in the fall.

According to the brothers' mother, Kim Wade, all four being together was a deciding factor.

"It was a big deal for me that they stay together," she told CNN. "We discussed it and the logistics of travel, and the support they will all have for each other... we decided as a family it's the best place for all of them."

The family visited Yale for Bulldog Days and had a good feeling about the school.

"I feel really good about it. Yale has done a wonderful job of welcoming us," Wade told CNN. "It's the best place and they have such a sense of family."

It took a while for Aaron to get on board according to NBC News, as he wanted Stanford.

"But at the end of the day, Yale made sense logistically -- and it's an amazing school," he told NBC. "I don't regret my decision even though right now it kind of feels like a sacrifice."

Given the campus visit and the generous financial aid package, the brothers' father, Darrin Wade, said the decision was clear. He told NBC that Yale was "the best decision all around."

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