Pigeon's nest made of hypodermic needles leaves community disturbed

Vancouver Police superintendent Michelle Davey tweeted a disturbing image that has the internet confused and concerned.

The photo shows what appears to be a pigeon's nest made of hypodermic needles inside a low-cost housing unit, The Telegraph reports.

Police department spokesperson Randy Fincham told Global News the photo was shared "to show the reality of drug use in the Downtown Eastside and to provide a rare glimpse into the lives of first responders, health care providers and others involved in the opioid crisis."

Some experts have criticized the image.

Marion Chatelain, an urban wildlife specialist, told the National Post, "To the best of my knowledge, feral pigeons do not use human wastes to build their nest."

She also noted that pigeons lay their eggs in groups of two -- not three, as shown in the picture.

Whether the image is fake or not, the opioid epidemic is certainly real. In December, fentanyl overdoses killed 9 people within 24 hours.

This year alone, Vancouver has experienced over 100 deaths due to various drugs.

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