Japan's new ultra-luxurious train is here, and tickets cost $10,000 each

Now here's what it really means to travel in style.

Equipped with a full bar, two-storey suites, and bathtubs made from cypress trees, JR East's Shiki-Shima luxury sleeper train might just be the fanciest way to travel — at the hefty price of nearly $10,000 per ticket.

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The Shiki-Shima made its maiden voyage on May 1, from Tokyo to the northern island of Hokkaido.

See the incredible train below:

Tickets start from around $4400 for a normal suite to $9300 for a 3D2N stay in the premium suite.

There are ten carriages on the train, including two observatory carriages, a lounge and a dining room.

The train, operated by East Japan Railway, can take only 34 passengers on each trip, which only adds to its exclusivity.

The train was designed by Ken Kiyoyuyki, formerly a senior designer for Porsche and General Motors.

But if you're thinking of getting a spot now, you're out of luck, because tickets have been fully booked until March 2018.

Guess you'll just have to make do with the pictures for now.