Debunked: Only your nose can smell

It could be our morning coffee, that guy at the office who forgets to put on deodorant or a home cooked meal, smells are everywhere.

Humans are super good at registering scents.

Apparently, we can distinguish around 1 trillion scents and odors and that's just in the nose!

Here's the thing. Your nose doesn't have a monopoly on the sense of smell.

Turns out almost every single organ in our bodies can smell.

For example, the mouth usually smells the things that pass through our mouths.

Take wine for example. You can describe it as fruity or spicy, but scientists say those aren't really tastes but rather odor perceptions.

You're really just smelling them with your mouth.

Skin is another scent sense.

Internal tissues such as the heart, liver and gut have olfactory receptors which are really scientific odor detectors.

So next time you get a whiff of something bad, you may have to do more than just cover your nose to get rid of the scent.

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