Michelle Obama's speaker fee is as much as some former presidents

According to Axios' Mike Allen, Michelle Obama just netted $200,000 for her first speaking engagement since she and her husband left the White House.

That's about half of what her husband, former President Barack Obama, has made for two recent speeches, each going for about $400,000, though it's about on par with George W. Bush after he left office and a little behind what Bill Clinton gets.

On Thursday, Michelle Obama appeared at the annual American Institute of Architects conference to speak about her accomplishments, such as the "Let Girls Learn" initiative that is reportedly in jeopardy from the current administration, but also to speak about life after the White House.

Specifically, she said that she would not be running for anything, but that didn't mean that she and Barack Obama would be resting on their laurels. They intend to be active and involved.

"Barack and I have been in public service our whole lives," she explained. "Public service will always be in our blood."