Ivanka Trump ran out of room in tears after 'Access Hollywood' tape leak, sources say

When a 2005 tape was leaked revealing a lewd conversation about hitting on women between then-candidate Trump and Billy Bush, first daughter Ivanka Trump reportedly did not take it lightly.

A new New York Times piece published on Tuesday shines light on how the first daughter reacted to her father's "Grab them by the p***y" comment, citing sources who say she "made an emphatic case for a full-throated apology."

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News of the Access Hollywood tape's leak came in as Trump was preparing for a debate, the New York Times describes, and the former Republican presidential candidate's reported initial response was to apologize if anyone was offended. At this point, Trump's oldest daughter stepped in.

Citing "several people who were present for the crisis discussion that unfolded in Mr. Trump's 26th-floor office," the Times describes that Ivanka begged her father to sincerely apology, but the billionaire businessman-turned-politician "remained unyielding."

"His daughter's eyes welled with tears, her face reddened, and she hurried out in frustration," write Jodi Kantor, Rachel Abrams and Maggie Haberman.

President Trump eventually commented on the tape, saying, "Anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who I am."

Axios' Alexi McCammond writes on why this context around the West Wing official's response triggers matters, saying:

"Ivanka is clearly more emotional and compassionate than her father has been publicly, but she shares a similar drive and interest in political leadership. Those qualities work well together, as people close to her say she has an important, unmatched skill: she can "effectively convey criticism to a man who often refuses it from others," which could continue to influence Trump's policies."