High school step team show ruined with racist Snapchat post

Students at a North Carolina high school demand action about a racist Snapchat at a recent rally.

ABC 11 reports that the Apex Friendship High School Step Team's first schoolwide show has been marred by a classmate's Snapchat.

ABC 11 anchor Joel Brown shared the snap on Twitter:

The snap was a photo of the team -- which is made up of ten black students -- with a caption that read, "Plantation owner watches his former slaves rejoice and celebrate their newfound freedom. Circa 1864."

The team was originally excited, but the cruel words put a cloud over the performance. The snap was deleted within a half hour, but it was entirely public. A 16-year-old sophomore told ABC 11 that the team wants justice; in the past, racially-charged incidences have gone unnoticed by the school administration.

For this instance, they want more done. "We're coming to them asking for help, and we're expecting them to do more," the student told ABC 11.

"Today we met with the assistant principal," she continued. "He apologized and he said he's going to handle it."

Apex Friendship High School principal Matt Wight sent out an alert to parents, calling what happened "a highly offensive racial remark."

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