Alligator gets handcuffed for intruding

In a state where gators can be a serious problem, law enforcement has found a creative way to keep the critters in check.

Louisianna firefighters handcuffed an alligator last week after it was caught roaming around a house that was under construction.

The fire department uploaded a video of the arrest to Facebook. After getting the reptile out of the house, they duct-taped its jaws and bound its hind legs together using two sets of handcuffs.

"That's a big one," one of the officers said.

They were able to load it into the back of a pickup truck and slam the trunk as it trashed around.

The St. Tammany Fire Protection District #1 told that the gator was released by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries across town near its natural habitat -- a swamp.

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