Woman says Walmart purse contained desperate note from Chinese 'prisoner'

A woman in Sierra Vista, Arizona says that she found a desperate note from a Chinese 'prisoner' inside a handbag she recently purchased from Walmart, reports KTVK.

The woman reportedly had the page translated three times, and each time the message was same.

KVOA notes that according to the woman, the writer, a self-described prisoner, spoke of horrible work conditions. He or she described working up to 14 hours a day and receiving little food.

It was also said that if the daily production quota goes unmet, those who fell behind are reportedly beaten. According to the woman, the author of the note wrote that when medical attention is needed, little to none is given.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that "the note has the ring of authenticity. It is written on coarse, cheap paper, about 5-by-7 inches, and those who translated the note found it to be poorly worded as if by someone without much writing experience."

The woman who found the note says she doesn't have the resources to help but hopes that by sharing the letter, the author's plight will be investigated by someone who does.