Viral video shows Jimmy John's employee staying calm at gunpoint


A video of a Jimmy John's employee handling a robbery at gunpoint has amassed over five million views.

Kansas City resident Tuker Murray was working the front counter at the sandwich chain when Terry Rayford came in with a gun.

"Well he walked in and ordered a sandwich and asked what kind of cheese we had," Murray told KSHB. "He whispers to me quietly open up the drawer. Then says it louder and cusses."

The encounter was caught on camera and put on Kansas City Police's YouTube page:

Murray's manager told him to give Rayford the money as Rayford pointed a gun at them. Throughout this ordeal, Murray stayed calm.

Rayford, 54, was charged Friday. Kansas Police tweeted that he was in custody and received praise -- from the Jimmy John's account:

The video shocked Murray's mother, Bonnie. She told KSHB, "When he touched that gun on my son's face, I have not been the same since."