Report: Many members of President Trump's shadow Cabinet to make exit

Members of the shadow Cabinet, people installed in various government agencies to watch and report back to President Trump, are reportedly on their way out.

According to Politico, rising tensions prompted a meeting of administration officials, including senior adviser Jared Kushner and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Now, a number of the specially placed individuals are being sent to other areas of the government. Others appear to be leaving entirely.

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Politico notes that one source of strain between Cabinet heads and shadow Cabinet members was the lack of experience brought to the table by the latter. Nonetheless, many of the shadow members asserted themselves in ways that were ultimately deemed disruptive.

According to the media outlet, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin ultimately relegated his overseer to the Treasury basement. Meanwhile, EPA leader Scott Pruitt was apparently successful in actually ousting his mandated aid, Don Benton.

In early April, it was announced that Benton had been reassigned to serve as the head of the Selective Service System, reports the Seattle Times.

About a week prior, an editorial in the New York Times noted, "Mr. Benton is now driving Mr. Pruitt batty. Two agency officials told The Washington Post that Mr. Pruitt has tried to shut Mr. Benton out of meetings because he has 'piped up so frequently during policy discussions,' with remarks so weird, weird, weird they are actually humorous."

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On the other end of the potential problems spectrum are people who have too much knowledge and an ability to turn secrets into profits.

According to the Washington Post, back in January as news of a shadow Cabinet and the potential conflicts of interest many posed emerged, former White House ethics lawyer Norman Eisen called the placements, "very murky territory."

Not long after, Trump adviser Omarosa Manigault denied the existence of a shadow Cabinet, labeling the reports as "very ridiculous" and, "fabricated...drama."