Lawyers sit in awkward silence listening to Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' play in court

Legendary rapper Eminem is currently embroiled in a court battle against New Zealand's ruling political party after he accused it of using an unlicensed version of his hit song "Lose Yourself" in a campaign advertisement.

Gary Williams, lawyer for the plaintiff Eight Mile Style, told the Wellington High Court on Monday that the National Party breached several sections of the Copyright Act by purchasing a piece of production music named "Eminem Esque" from a company called BeatBox, according to NewsHub.

The party rejected the allegation, claiming the track had been used on several television shows since 2014, and Eminem's publishers did not complain about any other questionable legal use of it.

If you want to decide for yourself whether or not the party stole Em's beat, here's the original version of the '8 Mile' soundtrack staple:

And here's the National Party's ad:

But copyright infringement is beside the point right now.

The real story here is that a courtroom full of lawyers had to sit in complete silence while listening to arguably the most iconic Eminem jams of all time without losing themselves.

And it was incredible.

Anyway, for the sake of the National Party, we hope they're found not guilty.

Williams said licensing fees for "Lose Yourself" typically range in the "millions of dollars," which could make this one hell of an expensive mistake.

Watch the full video here.

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