Trump insists he 'couldn't care less' about golfing

Though President Trump has been hit with criticism for the time he's spent on the green since taking office, he says he "couldn't care less" about golf.

Speaking with Fox News on Friday, Trump defended his recurring weekend travel, saying, "I am not going to play golf. I couldn't care less about golf."

Insisting he's not wasting taxpayer dollars, he went on to note that he has many properties and feels "a little guilty" going to the Trump Tower in New York because it's "very expensive for the country."

Trump noted that he works hard and he does not want the public to perceive him as "lazy."

Trump was critical of President Obama's time spent golfing during his time in the White House.

See every time Trump tweeted about Obama playing golf and basketball:

However, the New York Times reports that he's been to his Mar-a-Lago resort 25 times. And, of the 31 days Trump has spent of his presidency visiting at least one of his properties, he's made 19 visits to his golf clubs.

Trump's visits to his Mar-a-Lago property could cost taxpayers around $20 million dollars for his first 80 days in office, according to a CNN report.