Tiffany Trump subject of brutal Samantha Bee joke about father's 'Fox & Friends' tweets

Samantha Bee used Trump's Twitter activity to take aim at his relationship with first daughter Tiffany Trump on Saturday during her Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner event.

Amid a roasting of Trump, the "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" host delved into the president's frequent vocal appreciation for FOX's morning show "Fox and Friends" -- comparing his social media mentions of that show to those of his daughter, Tiffany.

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"[Trump] has tweeted more about 'Fox and Friends' since being elected than he's tweeted about Tiffany," Bee stated during the Saturday TBS special. Trump has mentioned his daughter Tiffany in seven total tweets, while the president has tweeted the term "Fox & Friends" some 20+ times.

Bee's taking aim at the president's Twitter activity came as she also ripped Trump's alleged Russia ties, "golden showers" and "alternative facts."

Trump's only daughter with former wife Marla Maples recently announces she will be returning to school to receive her law degree.