Samantha Bee rips Trump's first 100 days: 'You're basically the presidential Fyre Festival'


Samantha Bee blasted Trump's first 100 days in office during the Not White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday, saying his presidency has been "five months too long."

The "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" host's Saturday event -- which fell on the same night on the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner which President Trump did not attend this year -- dug into President Trump and the media alike, with a focus on media who are ruining the name of good journalism.

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"As much as I might love poking fun at the media and as much as you might deserve it, I know it has never been a harder time (for you)," Bee stated. "But you carry on. You dig up misdeeds and fraud by the powerful ... And you continue to fact-check the president as if he might someday get embarrassed."

"We are living in a golden age of journalism," Bee continued. "Unfortunately that's partially due to a golden president who is rumored to enjoy golden showers."

One segment focused on "alternative facts" alone, with one skit involving a cat, Trump's twitter feed and Steve Buscemi. The real hits came when Bee slammed Trump's progress in his first 100 days.

"[Trump] ran away from the Vietnam War, he ran away from two different Republican debates and now he's run away from the Correspondents' Dinner," Bee stated. "I guess we know why he wears those lumpy, ill-fitting old man pants: it's because he's constantly sh*tting himself."

"You're basically the presidential Fyre Festival," Bee concluded.

Trump wasn't the only punchline of Bee's jokes, though. Bee ripped CNN's Jeff Zucker for treating political news like a sport. In tape of Zucker discussing CNN coverage during an interview, he is heard saying: "You can call it entertainment, you can call it a reality show, but there was news in it almost everytime."