'Greatest first daughter ever': Ivanka Trump supporters sure do love her

For some, she's simply first daughter Ivanka Trump.

But to her supporters, President Trump's eldest daughter and key advisor has transcended to somewhat of a cult figure.

"America's greatest FIRST daughter ever!" a user and fan of Ivanka Trump tweeted earlier this year.

And millions like him have shared similar sentiments since.


With the first daughter's fast-rising popularity in the U.S. -- and China -- Ivanka Trump has captured the country's attention as an increasingly potent cultural symbol.

Her wardrobe has been lauded by the likes of Vogue and she has multiple successful products under her brand, coupled with her office in the West Wing and her often Instagrammed children, the first daughter has emerged as one of the administration's most liked officials.

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And Trump supporters are quick to rush to the first daughter's defense.

One user attacked co-hosts of the television show, "The View," after the women discussed Ivanka Trump's new trademarks in China and suggested the first daughter had been profiting from her role in the White House.

And others have dished the same fire in her defense.

But what do people love most about the first daughter? We've pulled 17 of the most compelling -- some random -- reasons she has Trump supporters hooked.

'Greatest first daughter ever': Ivanka Trump supporters sure do love her
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'Greatest first daughter ever': Ivanka Trump supporters sure do love her
@FoxNews Sick of the left media criticism. Their outclassed and it's making them crazy 😜ivanka is smart beautiful a… https://t.co/SqBf01n2u9
@HowardKurtz @FoxNews I think they vary jealous. Ivanka is smart, beautiful, and like her father unrelentless worker. Go Ivanka
@PrisonPlanet Diplomacy, Merkel needs support forget about political correctness, Ivanka is smart woman
@kimguilfoyle @IvankaTrump @TheFive @FoxNews Ivanka is smart, kind and an absolute doll. Audience must have been drunk or just plain idiots.
@MSNBC @microsoftpulse Ivanka is smart, articulate and tolerates unimaginable soul-destroying hatred from unhinged… https://t.co/tGKzRk54jg
@ShaniRae617 Ivanka is smart and educated too: graduated cum laude in economy.
@realDonaldTrump @Nordstrom Ivanka is better than the petty actions of Nordstroms. All of my friends and I are canceling their credit card.
@ashbeth34 @Timtravels007 @IvankaTrump @ChelseaClinton Chelsea THINKS she's clever. Ivanka is clever.
@phemale61 Because Ivanka is clever, well educated, well mannered, young, good looking and on apprenticeship for 1. female US president -)
You cannot compare apples to oranges. You cannot compare Ivanka to Chelsea. Ivanka is sweet red wine. Chelsea is rotten moldy cheese.

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