Trump says he 'thought it would be easier' to be president, Twitter responds accordingly

As Trump nears his 100th day in office, he reflected on the challenges of the job that he has faced thus far in an interview with Reuters.

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He spoke about the conflict in North Korea, his loss of mobility and the parts of his job he did not anticipate -- but one quote in particular really caused a stir.

"I loved my previous life," he told Reuters. "I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier."

The sentiment sparked quite a bit of controversy on Twitter:

Trump says he 'thought it would be easier' to be president
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Trump says he 'thought it would be easier' to be president
I loved my previous POTUS. Living in constant fear that a petulant boy king may start WW3 with a tweet is hard. I t…
How is this real?
Trump doesn't say it directly, but interview gives window into how isolated he is in the White House.
@GQMagazine @realDonaldTrump just because @POTUS44 made it look easy doesnt mean its easy!
@GQMagazine @drewmagary @realDonaldTrump Sad Hillary Clinton admits she thought not being President is harder than this.
Trump said "he Thought being president would be easier." I guess it looked easy on TV. Just like everything so far, he thought it was easier
So the next time a conservative says anything about Hillary Clinton remind them of this. Let them know she is not u…
@nytimes Who knew being president would be hard work. Only everyone on the f---king planet!!!!!!
@nytimes *['work' by Rhianna plays in headphones]*
@Reuters I have read this quote at least 20 times and am equally shocked to the core each time I read it! SMFH!
President Bobby Newport says country is being a jerk
Bobby Newport has never had a REAL job in his LIFE
Jesus, watching Parks & Recreation Series 4 again: Bobby Newport is *basically* Donald Trump!

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