Trump mocks Obama as he gets hit by Elizabeth Warren for $400,000 speaking fee

President Trump touted Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren's criticism of Barack Obama on Thursday, when she said she was "troubled" by a large speaking fee he accepted.

It was announced this week that Obama will be paid $400,000 by equity investment company Cantor Fitzgerald LP for serving as the keynote speaker at a September health care conference run by the firm.

Trump retweeted a "Fox & Friends" post on Friday morning with the caption, "Former President Obama's $400K Wall Street speech stuns liberal base; Sen. Warren saying she 'was troubled by that.'"

When asked her thoughts on Obama's accepting the speaking fee during an appearance on the "Alter Family Politics" show, the Massachusetts senator said she was "troubled by that."

"I describe [money] as a snake that slithers through Washington, and that it shows up in so many different ways here," Warren said, as she pivoted into a wider discussion of the influence of money in Washington -- a central theme of her new book, "This Fight is Our Fight."

"People understand the money that goes into campaign contributions, and hiring lobbyists," Warren continued. "But it's also the money that goes into bought and paid for experts."

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Warren is a longtime advocate of transparency surrounding the influence of money in politics, and her latest critique is no different. In her book, Warren says she calls for a using of voices and votes to "fight back."

"The influence of dollars on this place is what scares me," Warren stated. "I think it ultimately threatens Democracy."