Precious baby rhino won't stop following her mom around

It's a girl!

A female baby rhino was born earlier this month to mother Kufara and has become the third generation of endangered southern black rhinos born at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia.

"Both mother and calf are doing well," said zookeeper Linda Matthews. "Kufara is very cautious and protective of her calf, which is a natural behavior for a first-time mother."

The unnamed calf weighed more than 55 pounds at birth, and has been active and is bonding well with her mother, according to the zoo.

The baby rhino is not due to be on public display until June. Zoo officials hope the calf will get a chance to strengthen her bond with her mom in the weeks to come. That won't be an issue: Photos show the calf dutifully following her mom around the zoo.

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Her birth marks the zoo's efforts in repopulating the endangered species.

There are only about 4,200 black rhinos remaining in the wild, and they are often the target by poachers in search of their horn, according to a statement from the zoo.