World War II veteran's medals stolen during his hospital stay

Though John Kuhn is no longer fighting for our country in a war, his tough times have not gone away.

The World War II veteran returned to his Decatur, Alabama home to find that the medals he received for his time in the military had been stolen.

According to WHNT, the 93-year-old received two bronze stars and multiple battle ribbons when he was in the Navy.

In the midst of Kuhn's deployment, he dedicated his life to a new mission.

"I told the Lord if he would spare me, that I would stay with my mother and father and help them for as long as they lived," he told WHNT.

Sadly, things got tough for the veteran when he needed medical care himself.

As he spent several months in the hospital, someone broke into Kuhn's home and stole his ribbons and medals.

"Meant a lot of grief, a lot of sorrow and a lot of happiness too because it was done for our country," Kuhn told WHNT.

Additionally, his roof was in disrepair, and he had to move to a rental home.

Chris Batte, the founder of the Huntsville chapter of Forever Young Veterans, has already started researching how to get new service ribbons for Kuhn.

"We can notify the government and in their timely fashion, they will issue replacement ribbons for him," she told the station.

She's also working on getting someone to come furnish his roof for free.

Forever Young Veterans grants wishes for veterans -- most of the time, they pay for trips back to the battlefield. Other times, it can be whatever they need.

Thanks to their hard work, Kuhn is experiencing joy he hasn't felt since he was young.

"I'm overwhelmed, it means everything to me," Kuhn told WHNT.