Do you own a rare penny from this year? It could be worth $85,000

If you have a piggy bank, now may be a good time to break it open.

According to CoinTrackers, rare pennies that are still in circulation have been valued at up to $85,000. The big-ticket coins were minted in 1943 and with copper.

Pennies produced that year were supposed to utilize steel, but some involving copper found their way out of the mint. Why or how remains unknown, but CoinTrackers notes, "copper plates may have been tested or left mixed amongst the other steel plates from 1942."

If you do happen upon a 1943 penny, don't quit your job or book a lavish vacation right away. As with many items of high value, there are a lot of "fakes floating around," notes Fox News.

According to KTRK, methods employed in such trickery include using a file to turn the 8 on a 1948 penny into a 3.

The media outlet notes that people have also been known to just to throw a copper layer on coins of a less desirable metal.

CoinTrackers notes that if a penny responds to a magnet, it's likely just an old, steel one-cent piece that's been given a deceptive makeover.