Authorities warn of dangerous new heroin trend

Addicts and dealers have started a horrifying new trend that takes advantage of the heroin-reversal drug Narcan.

According to WPXI, "Narcan parties" have become popular in Pennsylvania. Dealers sell heroin and Narcan as a package deal.

"You can party and use the opioids to whatever degree you want, and with the intent that you can be saved by the use of the Narcan," Chief Jack Soberick of the Landsford told WPXI.

Police in many states are given a supply of Narcan in order to save the lives of people who are overdosing on heroin.

WPXI reports that Pittsburgh paramedics used Narcan on 2,300 overdose patients in 2016 -- nearly double the year before.

Pennsylvania police stressed that though Narcan does often save lives, it is not guaranteed. These parties are extremely dangerous.