Police hold unarmed black youths at gun point for 10 minutes

Police officers in Grand Rapids, Michigan recently held unarmed teenagers at gun point for 10 minutes before realizing they were not the wanted suspects.

While responding to reports of a fight at nearby basketball courts, the March 24 video footage shows at least eight officers who -- with drawn weapons -- detained five teens after reports that one of them might have been armed.

Officer Caleb Johnson was searching the area for a group of teens with specific descriptions when he found the group of five and exited his vehicle with his weapon drawn.

"Guys, get on the ground," Johnson told the group.

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The group's response was one of confusion. The teens can be heard crying and wailing -- one of them exclaiming, "I do not want to die."

As more officers arrived, the youths were asked to stand and walk backward toward the officers with their hands up.

Officers could also be heard trying to comfort the detainees as well.

"Calm down, calm down, it'll be alright," Johnson said. "They'll give you directions, OK?"

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After realizing they had the wrong group, the boys waited in the back of police cruisers for their parents.

"We hate that it had to get to that point," Officer Troy Colegrove told MLive. "We're just doing our job, because a lot of people out here have guns. We're not saying that your kids have guns - we're just doing our job."

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