Icelandic farmers find real-life 'unicorn' on their land

During the peak of unicorn food trends, Icelandic farmers came across the real thing.

A ram, who was born last spring to Erla Porey Olafsdottir and her husband, Bjarni Bjarnason, is a real-life unicorn, according to a translation from the local newspaper the Iceland Monitor. The farmers appropriately named the creature Unicorn.

Unicorn has two horns are fused together at the top of his head, forming one large horn that resembles that of the mythical creature. Technically, it's not a perfect unicorn since the horn splits toward the top, but it's probably as close as we'll ever get to the real thing.

The farmers who raised Unicorn said it "always looks slightly surprised or sad in expression," since its eyes are always pulled wide by the massive horn.

The family is fond of the unique sheep, but since Unicorn won't be "good for breeding," he can't stay on the farm much longer.

All is not lost for the unique creature, though -- the Reykjavik Zoo may take Unicorn in, and then it can become as famous and beloved as it has always been destined to become.