FOX News host sparks outrage with 'oral sex joke about Ivanka Trump'

People online are really not happy with FOX News co-host, and former "O'Reilly Factor" contributor, Jesse Watters over what some are calling an "oral sex joke about Ivanka Trump."

During a segment on FOX News' "The Five," the conversation turned to the first daughter's rocky reception at a women's summit in Berlin on Tuesday, with Watters first defending President Trump's eldest daughter before making a controversial quip.

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"It's funny, the left says they really respect women and then when they're given an opportunity to respect a woman like that they boo and hiss," said Watters.

Click the most outraged reactions to FOX News host's Ivanka Trump microphone joke:

Reactions to FOX News host's Ivanka Trump microphone joke
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Reactions to FOX News host's Ivanka Trump microphone joke
“Why won’t the Left respect this high government official I just made a leering blowjob joke about?"
"The left says we should respect women," Jesse Watters, right before he made a lewd remark about a woman.
So on same day Fox News mandates sensitivity training, Jesse Watters oddly praises Ivanka Trump's technique w mic.
The irony of Jesse Watters is laughable. He opens up by saying Libs don't respect Ivanka, then makes a sex joke about her 3 secs later...
@jessebwatters wow. Do you have an intern on staff who helps ensure you stay that full of shit or do you manage it yourself?
@Mikel_Jollett Remember how Jesse Watters mocked homeless people on Fox? And Asian Americans? He's an assboil of a…
@alekscake I saw that. That Jesse Watters guy is a creep. Like, dude, we all know what you're implying there. Gross.
Jesse Watters made an inappropriate sexual comment? The guy who thinks mocking non-English speakers in Chinatown is comedy? Surely you jest!

But what came next sent Twitter ablaze: "I really liked how she was speaking into that microphone," Watters joked while gesturing holding a microphone in one hand.

Many online quickly called the statement inappropriate.

"Jesse Watters making a thinly veiled remark about how Ivanka holds a microphone is sure to help FOXNews' PR department on sexual harassment," said one Twitter user.

Another user said, "The irony of Jesse Watters is laughable. He opens up by saying Libs don't respect Ivanka, then makes a sex joke about her 3 secs later"

Left wing media site, and frequent critic of FOX News, Think Progress quickly called Watters' remarks an "oral sex joke about Ivanka Trump," saying the new co-host of The Five delivered a "grossly inappropriate nonsequitur with a smirk on his face."

Watters himself, however, rejects the allegation -- saying he was simply commenting on the first daughter's "smooth jazz radio DJ" voice.

"During the break we were commenting on Ivanka's voice and how it was low and steady and resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ. This was in no way a joke about anything else," said Watters talking with

While internet outrage isn't anything new for Watters, his comments on Tuesday come on the heels of his former co-worker BIll O'Reilly being ousted from FOX News after multiple sexual harassment allegations.

FOX News has yet to release a statement on the incident.
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