Ball of 40 snakes found dumped in Wal-Mart parking lot

A terrifying ball of reptiles left shoppers at an Arkansas Wal-Mart horrified over the weekend, police say.

"After we got one of our officers who is apparently some sort of snake whisperer, we learned that they are non-venomous garden snakes," Paragould Detective Jack Hailey told KAIT.

Hailey told the station it appears that someone had collected up to 40 of the serpents and dumped them in a pile by a truck on Sunday night.

"They were collecting them for this reason, and I don't think that was the best thing to do at all," he said. "It could cause a panic with people trying to get away."

Thankfully, no one was injured, and according to the incident report, no criminal offenses will be filed. However, if a suspect is caught doing a similar act anytime soon, they could be charged.

Hailey hopes the incident will never happen again.

"If you like to play with snakes, keep them in their natural habitats where they belong. It is not cute. It is going to get somebody hurt," he said.