Young boy run over while getting treat from ice cream truck at Kansas City apartment complex

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) -- A 6-year-old boy is at Children's Mercy Hospital after he was hit by a car while getting a treat from an ice cream truck.

The boy was hit at the Watkins Court apartments on Highland Avenue and East 14th Street. Jerome Whitley and his mother Katrina Moss were at the apartment complex visiting cousins when the child heard the familiar sound of the ice cream truck and asked his mom for $3 to get a treat.

Before the child could take a taste, witnesses say a 2-door black sports-type car with tinted windows sped past the ice cream truck and ran over the child.

"The front of the car hit him, and so he was like under the car, but the back tires hit him too because he kept going," said Moss, who saw the terrifying takedown. "(He) kept rolling and he just left my baby right there in the street."

Moss said as she ran to her son and grabbed him out of the street, then the ice cream truck driver took off after the car. The driver was going to fast and got away.

"He passed out and then he woke back up and he was crying. He just wanted me to hold him," said Moss. "He hit him so hard his leg, his leg broke and he is just like messed up."

Witnesses say they have seen the black car in the neighborhood many times, so Moss believes someone knows who hit her son and wants them to turn themselves in.

"How can you sleep at night? Like you don't know if he is dead or alive," Moss said. "You just left a 6-year-old, a baby, what if somebody did that to your sister, your brother?"

If you have any information about the hit-and-run suspect who injured 6-year-old Jerome, please call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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