Student's beautiful note to his teacher brings the internet to tears

With the school year almost over, some students may bring gifts or letters of appreciation for their teachers. One boy in particular, however, made his teacher almost tear up with his note.

Twitter user @mainey_maine shared a letter one of his students left on his desk:

"To Mr. J," the letter started, "Thank you for being an awesome teacher and for being amazing! This school year was so fun and I enjoyed it because if you."

"I wish more teachers was like you. I will never forget you. I look at you like my dad. I never met my real dad but it okay because you treat me like I'm your son."

"You make me so happy. Always feeding me when I am hungry and hug me when I am sad. I will never forget you Mr. J. I love you and I will never forget about you! Love, Markus."

"This is too much man," Mr. J said, "I can't stop the tears."

The letter not only made Mr. J tear up; Twitter was abundant with reactions:

Reactions to student note
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Reactions to student note
@mainey_maine Bless you for having that kind of an impact on a child! More people need to see this as an example
@nuclearcarly @mainey_maine I'm waiting for him to tell us that he wrote the damn letter that one night when he was…
@mainey_maine @CDTide Thank you guys so much! My mother is a teacher and I have so much respect for yalls hard work! ❤️
@mainey_maine Thank you so much for impacting the students like this.. kids back home need people like you. You wan…
@mainey_maine aaaaand crying on a monday. you are AWESOME, keep it up.
@__QuiteHeavenly Thank you so much! My eyes are red and puffy as hell
@mainey_maine This is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it.
@mainey_maine @KanittaJ I'm crying now. Beautiful!!!

The note went viral, getting over 105,000 retweets and 310,000 likes.

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