Restaurant fires server over racist remarks made on Facebook

A waitress was let go from her position at a restaurant in Mobile, Alabama, after customers said they were targets of her racially charged remarks on social media.

The group of customers allegedly targeted said they noticed nothing out of the ordinary while dining at Montego's Caribbean Cafe' and Bar on Saturday evening.

"Dinner was great! Dinner was fine, she come up, she took our drinks, she took our food order. She came back, she delivered our food and that was basically it," one of the customers, whom requested anonymity, told WKRG.

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It wasn't until after they left that a woman in the group began to receive messages on Facebook about an offensive post that started to pick up steam online in the local area.

The now-deleted post, belonging to their server earlier, featured a photo of the women's receipts with a zero tip and was captioned, "This is why no one wants to wait on black people."

"I felt like my name was being slandered," another customer in the group said. "We did leave a tip. We left a cash tip so it really outraged me to actually experience racism [...]."

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After identifying their receipt, the women phoned into the Montego's corporate office, which resulted in the worker's termination -- an action the women said they approve of.

"I'm glad that they handled it the way they did," one of the women said. "They were very courteous and they did get back to me as soon as possible about the situation and they did apologize deeply."