'Fearless Laguna Vista cat' has showdown with rattlesnake

If we were staring down a rattlesnake, we'd definitely be a little frightened. One little kitty, though, appeared to be fearless in the face of danger.

On Facebook, the Laguna Vista Police Department in Texas shared that a rattlesnake was on the loose in the town, and warned residents.

"[E]arlier today Laguna Vista Police Officers assisted the Bay Area Birders of LV that were at the walking trail when they suddenly spotted a rattlesnake," the April 20 post read, "We ask that you all use caution and are aware of your surroundings when walking on the walking trail or any other locations."

The post explained that the snakes come out of hibernation around this time of year -- or when the temperatures reach 60 degrees or higher; they are most active in months where temperatures reach 80-90 degrees. The police department urged caution.

Check out photos of the snake:

The post received almost 2,000 shares -- but not because of the word of warning. No, it was the cat casually sitting with the snake that caught people's attention:

Credit: Facebook

The police department's Facebook deemed the kitty the "Fearless Laguna Vista Cat." They took the snake away from walkers -- and away from the brave cat.