Congressional candidate Sheri Few gains notoriety for controversial ad

A South Carolina woman campaigning for an open seat in the Houe of Representatives has caused a stir with her ads.

Sheri Laws is a Republican running for the 5th Congressional District seat vacated by Mick Mulvaney, who joined the Trump administration on the Office of Management and Budget. Laws released a couple ads outlining her views. One, which debuted last Wednesday, begins with her holding a rifle:

In it, Few condemns the way politicians have reacted to tragedies, calling them "weak." She said that panic from tragedies causes "bad laws" to happen. In her own words, "Weak politicians are too quick to blame a horrible tragedy on a flag or a gun or even free speech, and that's how bad laws are made."

This is one of several pointed ads from Pew. Earlier this month, she released an ad targeted at congressmen who voted to take down Confederate flags and monuments:

"[Tommy Pope and Ralph Norman] started a war on our history," she said, "Now they're renaming streets and colleges and destroying monuments to confederate soldiers."

According to The Post and Carrier, her campaign director said her ads are playing heavily leading up to the special election on May 2, including the Fox News Channel.

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