Melania Trump 'frosty' with Ivanka Trump, insider reveals in new report


After Melania Trump strongly denounced claims that she refused to share a bed with her husband in a March report, new details emerged later this week about the relationship between the first lady and Ivanka Trump.

According to a new Vanity Fair report, multiple insiders claimed the first lady is "frosty" with Ivanka Trump.

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The report claims that Ivanka Trump, who is suggested to have an "intense personal will to power," has gone a long way in stepping in for the first lady, who has lived apart from Donald Trump for much of his early days of presidency. And this might be to blame for the tensions the magazine reports between the first family.

"Two sources in fashion and media have observed a frostiness between the two," the outlet reports.

Other sources close to the first family also alleged Melania Trump is wholly disinterested in her First Lady duties and was merely dragged to Washington for her husband's political ambitions.

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"She never wanted this, and never had any interest," another source revealed to the outlet.

Vanity Fair suggests the first lady did her "best" ignore her new reality because she wanted to be home for her son, Barron Trump. And over the course of Trump's president campaign, the first lady was absent at much of her husband's rallies and "the speeches she gave could be counted on one hand."

However, the magazine notes that despite conferring with several acquaintances of the Trump family, none of the first lady's close friends actually contributed to the piece.