White House accidentally snapchats 'We Miss Obama' sign during the Easter Egg Roll


Earlier this week, President Trump and first lady Melania Trump hosted their first White house Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn. The annual festivities included an Easter Bunny appearance, a reading nook, and ultimate shade from the little ones in attendance.

At the event, children were invited to help decorate a large mural on the lawn. However, amid all of the scribbles and doodle was something even more striking.

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"Kids, the original truth-tellers," filmmaker Matthew Cherry said in a tweet with a photo of the eye-catching drawing.

In the photo, wedged between the butterflies and drawings of hearts and flowers was a string of words scribbled earlier: "We miss Obama."

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Some people on Twitter agreed with the sentiment presumably written by a child at the event.

And others speculated a parent wrote the message instead.