Tesla recalls 53,000 cars over brake issue

Tesla has issued a voluntary recall of 53,000 of its Model S and Model X vehicles around the world after discovering a brake issue.

According to TechCrunch, the recall was issued after the luxury electric car manufacturer became aware of customers receiving alerts about parking brakes refusing to disengage or needing service. The problem was traced back to a faulty part created by a third party manufacturer.

The company estimates that only 5 percent of these 53,000 vehicles built last year are affected. In an e-mail to its customers, Tesla described the decision to recall all of the vehicles as being "overly cautious." The e-mail also notes that while an official recall notice will be sent by mail instructing owners on how they can get the brakes replaced, it is safe to continue driving the vehicle. Should the improperly manufactured parking gear break, the break would become stuck in place and prevent the car from moving. There have been no reports of brakes failing to engage so far, nor have there been any reports of injuries or accidents stemming from the issue.

The company says it should be able to outfit all cars with replacement parts by October 2017.

In light of this news, shares of Tesla sunk overnight, adding to a growing cacophony of bad press. The company is also facing a new lawsuit that alleges non-functioning autopilot software that could create safety hazards for owners. Tesla factory workers are also pushing for the right to unionize and have alleged violations from the company in regard to their efforts. And, on a bit of a lighter note, employees at the Fremont, CA, office are reportedly facing an ironic inconvenience: a shortage of parking.

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