Amid economic crisis Venezuela gave $500K to Trump inauguration

While Venezuelans face food and medical shortages and the country's economy is crippled by crime, debt and inflation, that did not stop the government from donating $500,000 to President Trump's inauguration committee.

According to the Federal Election Commission that half a million dollars is what Pepsi, Verizon and Walmart donated combined to the Inauguration.

The donation was made through Citgo Petroleum by Venezuelan state-owned company PDVSA.

President's Maduro's spending priorities are being called into question as the economic crisis in the country continues to escalate.

In the past week protesters have taken the streets to condemn President's Maduro's socialist government and demand elections on what they consider is a dictatorial government, but the riot police have suppressed the crowds with tear gas and ammunition leaving several dead.

General Motors became the latest in a wave of international companies that have shut their doors in the country, after Venezuelan authorities seized the company's local vehicle assembly plant leaving 2,700 people out of work.

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Scenes from the crowd at inauguration
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Scenes from the crowd at inauguration
Cheerful member of the crowd #inauguration
Crowds are already stacking up in the standing area outside the Capitol #Inauguration
When the band started playing a particular song these service men and women stopped and saluted #Inauguration
People everywhere in the crowd taking selfies as they arrive at the National Mall (AOL/Torrey AndersonSchoepe)
The Capitol just before sunrise (AOL/Torrey AndersonSchoepe)
The Capitol decked out and ready for inauguration (AOL/Torrey AndersonSchoepe)
Cute alert! Adorable service dogs in the crowd at #inauguration
Crowd erupts into cheers as George W. and Laura Bush arrive at the Capitol #Inauguration
Crowd cheers as Melania makes her entrance in an eye-catching light blue coat #Inauguration
Crowd erupts into cheers after Trump says we will "buy American and hire Americans" #Inauguration
The crowd and the big screen at inauguration (AOL/Torrey AndersonSchoepe)
"When you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice" #inauguration
Patriotic flair at #inauguration
A member of the military stands at a road block with a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (AOL/Torrey AndersonSchoepe)
Military man salutes during the national anthem #Inauguration

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