This tiny cow might be the smallest in the entire world

A farmer from Iowa might have bred the tiniest cow in existence.

Dean Schocker has a farm of 14 zebu -- an Indian animal which is known for its horns, hump and small size.

Schocker told WQAD that the animals are so small, he can't believe they aren't babies.

Zebu are each about four feet tall, which makes them more manageable on the farm.

Photo: WQAD

"They're a lot easier to handle than regular cattle. Cows wreck the fences and feeders, and they're intimidating," Schocker told WQAD.

Plus, it takes one acre of land to raise a regular sized cow -- but you can raise up to six zebu per acre.

Schocker told WQAD that if you start training zebu at an early age, they can be socialized just like dogs.

He breeds and sells them to people for pets and meat, and makes about $1,500 per mini cow -- but there's one little girl he just can't put a price on.

Her name is Lucy, and she's just 24 inches tall -- the smallest cow in the U.S., and maybe the world.

Schocker's goal is to keep selling the zebu and educate people about the unique animal.