Massive iceberg eclipses small Canadian town


Droves of tourists are flocking to Ferryland, Canada, to witness a behemoth iceberg that has planted itself just off the tiny town's shore, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Shocking photos show the massive chunk of ice towering over the picturesque town, located off the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador in an area fittingly dubbed "Iceberg Alley."

See photos of the iceberg:

The Canadian Ice Service classified the berg as "large," meaning it has a height of 151-240 feet and is between 401 and 670 feet long.

To put that into perspective, the iceberg that sunk the Titanic only had an estimated height of 50-100 feet, and was between 200 and 400 feet long.

According to the Toronto Sun, it has already been quite a busy year for Iceberg Alley.

Even though April is just the tip of iceberg season, the International Ice Patrol has already spotted 616 bergs in the trans-Atlantic shipping lanes as of this week, which is more than what it typically observes in an entire spring-late summer season.

Although the unexpected flow of tourists has reportedly caused unprecedented traffic jams in the small town, Ferryland Mayor Adrian Kavanagh said the iceberg is a great way to start the tourist season.

"Traffic seems to be flowing pretty good so it might be busy for a while," Kavanagh told VOCM. "We just gotta find a way to keep that iceberg there."