Man accused of stealing over 100 phones at Coachella

Coachella attendees managed to track down a suspect for dozens of phone thefts.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the festivalgoers used the "Find My iPhone" app to spot 36-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao. According to the Indio Police Department, the attendees followed him throughout Coachella until he was detained by security.

"A bunch of people activated their 'find my phone' and pointed at, 'Hey, it's that guy, my phone, my dot, it's moving with that guy,'" Indio police Sgt. Dan Marshall told New York Post.

Henao was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property. He apparently had more than 100 phones in his backpack. Around 20 of the phones have been returned to their owners, while the rest are in lost and found.

Henao was released on $10,000 bail Monday. It's unclear whether he went to the festival solely to pickpocket phones.